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Yamaha Generator Reviews

What are Yamaha Generators?

Many companies both on a national and international level are known for their prowess and skills in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of electrical generators. Yamaha Motors Corporation (Yamaha) is one of such companies that specialises amongst others in the manufacturing of electrical Yamaha generators designed to serve a variety of functions depending on their respective specifications and features. Hence Yamaha generators are generators produced for the generation of electricity that are manufactured by Yamaha (the company). Yamaha is a company that equally deals in the manufacturing of electronic devices and motorised vehicles such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), scooters, snow mobiles, pressure washers, engines, parts and accessories etc.

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Yamaha Logos

Depending on the product being developed and manufactured, Yamaha utilises a couple of logos that could either be found on their products or websites.

Types and Purpose of Yamaha Generators

Yamaha under its generators division is known to manufacture portable generators that could be used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. They are very useful during emergency situations; carrying out remote jobs; and for recreational activities. Yamaha portable generators can be classified into conventional generators and inverter generators. These generators run on a single or dual fuel system. The kinds of fuel required to run Yamaha generators are: natural gas, propane, diesel, or both (as is the case of the dual fuel system).

Some general characteristics of portable Yamaha generators

  • Generators are portable with accessories to ease displacement
  • DIY installation
  • The generator has to be manually switched on and off
  • Transfer switch is optional
  • Lesser power output (wattage)
  • Good as a backup and adequate for outdoor activities
  • High noise level and more fuel consumption but for generators with inverter tech
  • Good runtime but it can last maximum of hours

Comparison of conventional and inverter Yamaha portable generators

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  • Heavy weighted generator
  • Light weighted generator
  • Generates AC power with the use of a mechanical alternator
  • Use an electronic alternator  to generate AC power from DC power
  • Have a greater output
  • Electrical output is suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices
  • Emits more noise and consumes more fuel
  • Significantly quieter and more fuel efficient
  • Have a constant power output irrespective of the electrical demand
  • Produces power on demand i.e. based on device(s) plugged in
  • Runs at a constant revolution per minute (rpm)
  • Variable speeds (rpm) depending on specific electronic demand
  • Price relative more affordable to inverter generator equivalents
  • Price comparatively higher because of the integrated tech

The Yamaha 2000 Generator

Amongst the multiple of generators manufacturer by Yamaha, there is the 2000 series which is made up of generators the have starting or maximum wattage of 2000 Watts. These series has generators without a wide range of running or peak wattages usually ranging from 500 – 1600 watts. The best Yamaha generator in the 2000 portable series are usually the Yamaha inverter generators.

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These generators have the following common specs:

  • AC current 13.3 – 16.7 amps
  • Air cooled, cylindered engines
  • Variable DC outputs 8 amps at 12v
  • Light weighted and easily transportable
  • Considerable fuel tank capacity
  • Relative extended run time in hours
  • Noise levels 51.5 – 61 dba
  • Environmentally friendly especially vis-à-vis emissions


  • Easy to kick-start, operate and maintain
  • Easy start facilitated by automatic decompression system
  • Control panels are easy access and DIY
  • “Twin Tech” possibility (Parallel generator operation) where two generators can be connected in parallel to double the wattage output
  • Yamaha’s 2000 series generators are equipped with noise reduction tech so as to curb the noise emissions
  • Some of this series models have incorporated in them the “Smart Throttle” tech, a speed (rpm) control system that encourages fuel efficiency
  • Fuel gauge and oil monitoring systems incorporated
  • The Yamaha inverter generator supplies clean, high quality power and are compliant with EPA and CARBE mission Engine Durability Rating
  • Some have rubber feet for smooth running, absorbing vibrations and reducing noise levels

Owning a Portable Yamaha Generator

If one needs a portable Yamaha generator (conventional or inverter), considering the following aspects will ensure that the generator purchased is one that best suits the owners envisaged usage:

  • Technology used
  • Start-up mechanism
  • Power output and generation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel type & system
  • Warranty
  • Decibel levels
  • Cost price
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Additional features such as extra support legs with vibration mounts, oil funnel, oil, spark plug socket and the remote starter etc.
  • Display & control panel

Yamaha Motors Corporation (Yamaha) has supplementary customer services that will aid the purchaser obtain a portable generator depending on its intended use and help purchaser maximise all the services offered by the manufacturing company.

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