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Home Generators: Generators are one of the man-made machines that help us continue to use our electrical devices and equipment in the advent of power outage or disruption of supply of electricity. Generators are usually designed and engineered to provide electricity for recreational, commercial as well as residential purposes. Home generators are commonly referred to as backup generators or whole house generators since they serve as a substitute for power provision for the whole house. These generators that are used as home generators are usually either portable or stationary aka standby generators. These generators vary greatly from open another depending on a couple of factors (specifications) such as the safety features; control panel; tech used & runtime; power output (required wattage); fuel used; environmental friendliness etc.

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Solar generators are the most environmental friendly generators that use renewal energy and emit no gases to the atmosphere. Nonetheless solar generators don’t generate as much power as those run with fossil fuels. Hence regardless of their efficiency, they are used to power selective of low power demanding electronic devices and are not fully appropriate as a whole house generators. Standby generators on the other hand act typically as the home backup generators and unlike portable generators have the capacity to power the entire home for days whereas although also being backup generators, portable generators don’t regularly power heavy or high wattage devices or equipment (and not for long if they do) and have runtimes of hours.

These generators are equally determined by the fuel they use to run. These generators are powered by either natural gas, propane, diesel, petrol (gasoline), or sometimes both (dual fuel system).

Standby generators are generators that are fixed to one spot and connected directly to the electrical grid of the home and  automatically switch on and off when it detects that the main power supply has been cut off.

Portable generators on the other hand are generators designed for transportation from one place to another. They are mobile and vary in dimension, size and out power. They are of various designs and have varying power outputs. They also serve as backup generators for homes but have to be manually switched on and off during use.

Characteristics of Home Generators

Due to the multitude of manufacturers, models and designs for house generators, the characteristics for home backup generators are multiple and a few are discussed below.

  • Home generators could be fixed on one spot while there are other models that are mobile to ease transportation and displacement of the generators;
  • House generators can be manual or automated that is they can be manually switched on/off or can be automatically start as soon as there is power failure;
  • The best house generators run self-diagnosis of its systems;
  • They usually require a transfer switch that protects household appliances from damage. These transfer switches can be automatic and some are designed to without all weather conditions;
  • Whole house generators i.e. standby generators liberates a greater power output than portable backup generators
  • The engine speed and power wattage depend on the specific generator purchased. They is a very wide range of generators with diverse specifications;
  • Some have noise suppression systems (standby home generators) and hence emits less noise levels;
  • Depending on the generator acquired,  home generators could run from a couple of hours to many days and even weeks if for instance it is a gas generator and is connected directly to the unsevered main gas supply system of the home;
  • Depending on the type and model of the house generators refuelling might not be required whereas for some it is unavoidable.

The Pros and Cons of Home Generators

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  • Can power the entire house with all household appliances inclusive
  • Some generators require experts for installation and maintenance
  • Wide wattage range
  • Repairs is more difficult due to the higher electronics used
  • Have removable doors/caps for easy maintenance, services and fuelling
  • They tend to consume a lot of fuel
  • Its dimensions and cost prices gives it a wide possibility of purchase by the majority of persons
  • Run self-diagnoses and can be remotely monitored
  • They have a large selection of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) with low response times

Why a standby generator is the best home generator?

Standby generators are the best house generations and produce enough energy to supply a home with electricity for days to weeks. The energy could equally power the devices, equipment and appliances that can be found in a home. With the low automatic transfer switch response time, households may  scarcely notice the switch from main to generator electricity supply.   

Features to consider when choosing a home generator

Getting the best house generators is not easy given the many kinds and models the exist and are created day in day out. The features below should help in the purchase of a generator that will suit the owner and respective financial budgets.

  • Safety features
  • Control panel
  • Technology used
  • Power output
  • Type of fuel
  • Runtime
  • Portability
  • Reliability
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Cost price

Safety Tips in Operating a Home Generator

  • Do not run a generator in enclosed spaces
  • Do not run a generator in the rain
  • Do not refuel your home generator while it’s running
  • Ensure wherever the generator(s) is place should be well ventilated and a cooling system put in place where necessary
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