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Generac Generators Review

What are Generac Generators?

Generac generators amongst the many designs and models are electric generators used in the production of electricity manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc. (Generac) with offices or branches in the USA, Canada and around the world. Generac Power Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of backup power generators and engine-powered tools and equipment. Generac manufactures various types of generators with respect to the targeted goals and markets available. Generac manufactures many designs and models of generators with a lot of different specifications and features engineered designed to meet the needs of home owners, contractors, and professionals.

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Types of Generac Generators

Generac generators could be classified into 3 categories: home backup generators; business standby generators and portable generators. These generators are equally determined by the fuel they use to run.

  Fuel choices

These generators are powered by either natural gas, propane, diesel, or sometimes both (dual fuel system) e.g. Generac standby propane generators


Generac generators vary depending on the model that is characterised by power generated (wattage), purpose, fuel system, integrated technology, portability, reliability etc. Generac generators are designed to be used: as commercial and residential backup systems; for emergency situations and powering emergency equipment; for recreational purposes and outdoor activities; remote jobs; etc. Generac generators has in its arsenal the HomeLink 6500E. This is an innovative, all-inclusive, residential backup power kit.

What are Generac generators designed for?

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Summarised characteristics per pre-envisaged purpose for Generac generators
Remote Work Home Recreation / Outdoors
  • Broad range of Generac portable generators means one can choose the professional-grade features that best meet the envisaged purpose and subsequently the appropriate choice of generator
  • Serve as emergency power where need be
  • Various kinds of fuel options
  • Offers up to 17500 Watts and designed for remote jobs, construction etc.
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Backup for the home
  • Potential to power a variety of outdoor / recreational equipment
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy operation and affordable power for household appliances
  • Easy to operate and can provide power for DIY projects
  • Portable generators
  • Standby and or portable generators
  • Portable generators
  • Professional-grade Features such as hardened cradles, covered outlets, GFCI protection etc.
  • Protection of household appliances with the use of transfer switches and elimination of extension cords as well
  • Hunting, fishing, tent & RV camping, tailgating etc.

Characteristics of standby and portable generators manufactured by Generac

Generac Standby Generators Generac Portable Generators
  • Generator is fixed to one spot and acts as a back-up
  • Generator is portable with accessories to ease displacement
  • They are relatively more costly
  • Price relatively more affordable
  • Should be installed by professionals
  • DIY installation
  • These generators automatically kick in when the power goes out
  • The generator has to be manually switched on and off
  • Require a transfer switch
  • Transfer switch is optional
  • Runs self-diagnoses
  • Check up and diagnoses is run manually
  • Has mechanical alternators that generate AC power
  • Some (inverters) have electronic alternators that convert DC power to AC power
  • Have a greater power output (wattage)
  • Lesser power output (wattage)
  • Designed for supplying electricity to entire home and power all household appliances
  • Serve as a backup and good for outdoor / work / recreational activities and suitable for powering sensitive electronic devices
  • Built with integrated noise suppression and ventilation system
  • Emits more noise but for inverter generators or generators equipped with muffles
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Automatic oil shut-off
  • These options are manually operated
  • Consumes more fuel
  • Consumes lesser fuel
  • Runtime could last for up to weeks and have a constant power output irrespective of the electrical demand
  • Good runtime but it can last maximum of hours

Becoming the owner of a Generac Generator

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Anyone in search of a Generac generator should consider the following aspects so as to ensure that the generator acquired meets the purpose it was built for and intended use:

  • Technology used
  • Start-up mechanism
  • Power output and generation
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel type & system
  • Warranty
  • Decibel levels
  • Cost price
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Additional features such as extra support legs with vibration mounts, oil funnel, oil, spark plug socket and the remote starter etc.
  • Display & control panel

The wide range of Generac Power Systems Inc. generators implies that one can choose the professional-grade features that best meet his/her requirements. Generac Power Systems Inc.  has complementary services that will help purchasers acquire a fit for purpose generator. These services include amongst others:

  • How to choose the right generator for a purchasers via sizing the generator needed;
  • Free in home assessment;
  • Installation cost vary by system size, model, installation considerations and local building codes. Free installation are also available (depending on jurisdiction or location of the buyer) upon acquisition of a home backup generator;
  • Free online sizing calculator available to all;
  • Available customer service line for a chat with a Generac representative.
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