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Best Home Generators

Best Home Generators: Home generators are the powerful equipments to be used at home for different appliances. Any home owner, who knows the basic requirements for his home, must remember to buy a high quality home generator. You need to know about the best home generators in the market if you want to keep your appliances running even in the power loss. Sometimes, power goes out, during storms or other condition, then home generators resolve the power problems. Here we are going to tell you about some best home generators, your power companions.

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Many different types of home generators are available in the market by different companies. Price of home generators depends upon its quality, power and manufacturing company. A famous generator, known as Briggs and Stratton 40346 standby generator who received high rating and has the power of 20,000 watt, is considered as one of the best home generators.

Types of home generators

There are mainly three different types of home generators:

  • Portable generators

  • Standby generators

  • Solar generators

Portable generators:

These are the home generators whose power ranges from 600-9000 watt mostly. They use gasoline, propane, or natural gas a fuel. In portable home generators when you provide fuel and turn it on, power is received at the receptacles (that are on machine). You have to set these generators, by using extension cords of a commercial grade, if you want your appliances to receive power.

Standby generators:

Standby generators are installed outside the home, in actual electric grid of home. The installation of these generators also depends upon their design and power ability. They typically use propane or natural gas as a fuel. If home’ actual power supply goes off, standby generator starts its working and provide continuous power supply.

Solar generators

As depicted from name, solar generators use solar energy. It is the best home generator because sunlight is natural, and generator can receive uninterrupted power supply. They can provide power up to 2000 watts. Solar energy recharges their battery and then this energy can be used in case of power loss. Day lights panels are the best as compared to direct sun panels.

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Prices of best home generators

The process of best home generators varies according to their company, power ability, quality, performance etc. Different features of a home generator contribute to set its price. When you are going to buy a home generator, you should consider following points:

  • The reputation of generator manufacturing company is good

  • Generator has low price but excellent features

  • Power of generator fulfills your home energy needs

  • Generator is able to provide power to all of your home appliances

  • Light in weight

  • Enclosed in good material

Yamaha Generators

One of the best Yamaha generators is Yamaha 2000 Watt Portable Generator, which has high rating by its users. It comes with inverter technology and has enough strength to power different items. It helps you in emergency, when power goes out. This Yamaha generator has 1600 watt power with continuous A/C output, and 16.7 amps @ 120V. It acts as the safe source of power. An advances throttle technology is the main feature of this generator. This throttle technology adjusts the engine speed based on the required output. When load on generator decreases the engine automatically throttles down and enables to conserve more fuel. Some of the other best features of this Yamaha generator are:

  • Pulse width modulation: to get cleanest, consistent level

  • Less noise, only 51 decibels at 25% load

  • 10 hour running time without refueling

Generac Generators

Generac is a famous generator manufacturing company who has received the highest customer ratings. It manufactures high quality generators, to be used as home generators.

One of the best Generac generators is Generac GP series 5500 portable Generator. It has all the best features which a generator should have. It acts as a whole house generator and provides the maximum power. Main features of this generac generator include:

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  • OHV engine

  • Durable steel frame

  • Never-flat wheels

  • Environmental Friendly

  • Hour Meter

  • Low oil shutdown

  • Large fuel tank etc

It helps you to turn on your heater, refrigerator, lights, air conditioner and other appliances when there is any problem with actual power supply.

According to customer reviews and usability, best home generators are those which use less fuel and provide more power to run your appliances.

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